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Azum is different - in terms of offer and development

Because Azum is based directly on the experience and input of internationally successful swimming, running, cycling and triathlon trainers.

That is why Azum helps to simplify the daily work of trainers, to structure it better and to continuously develop it. And so it can contribute to significantly and sustainably increasing the training efficiency, but also the effectiveness.

Azum was founded in 2019 by experienced professional and age group coaches together with professional athletes, sports scientists, nutritionists and software developers who are passionate about sports in Zurich (Switzerland).

Today the people behind Azum work at different locations in Switzerland and Germany. In addition to their work for Azum, they – in some cases – continue to run large coaching companies.

Do you have any questions about Azum or the people behind Azum? Write to us anytime at We answer every question quickly and individually.

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